We are available 24 hours every day for both consultation and transportation.

Residence:  If there has been an unexpected death without medical care, immediately dial 911.   A Medical Technician must verify circumstances.  This Technician will decide if further inquiry by a Medical Examiner or Doctor is necessary.  You may then contact us to provide assistance.  We can provide transportation to a Medical Examiner if needed.

Residence with Hospice care:  Hospice is a great-supportive organization.  Their compassion and medical experience are invaluable. Hospice Nurses are professional representatives of your personal Physician and may allow us to be immediately contacted when death has occurred.  Share our contact information with your Hospice Care Nurse. 

Retirement Community:  Community environments provide security and support for their residents.  Your Community Rep./Social Worker/ Resident Adviser may be advised in advance of your decision to choose our services.  If a death has occurred, contact your community medical staff representative.  They will then contact us to assist you.

Hospice Center or Nursing Home:  Your Nursing staff representative may be advised in advance of your decision to choose our service.  They will provide you direct assistance by contacting us.

Hospital:  Your Nursing staff representative will assist you.  There may be a time delay before we are permitted to arrive at the facility.  Please notify us directly if needed.